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QCFMD reminds everyone to be safe around water as temps heat up

"Drowning deaths are 100% preventable, we all just have to do our part to ensure this tragedy does not touch our families," said Queen Creek Fire Chief Vance Gray.

It's National Water Safety Month and with temperatures heating up this weekend, enjoying water is the perfect way to cool off in the hot summer months ahead, but it also comes with risks if the proper precautions are not taken.

"Two seconds is too long to take your eyes off your child around any body of water," said Queen Creek Fire Chief Vance Gray. "Drowning is silent, it is not always a loud, splashing event that you might think. A person actively drowning will be struggling to get their face above water. There is no time to scream because they are fighting so hard just to get a breath."

Numbers released by Children’s Safety Zone already show in 2021 alone there were 19 child and pediatric drownings. So far this year, from January to April, 43 water-related incidents have been reported - 13 of them ended up being fatal.

Drowning is preventable, which is why the Queen Creek Fire and Medical Department (QCFMD) is reminding everyone to be safe around water and help prevent drownings by encouraging all residents to follow the ABCD’s of water safety. This includes: Adult supervision, Barriers between children and water, Classes in CPR for adults and swim lessons for children, and Devices such as life jackets and hooks near water.

Know and follow these ABCD’s of drowning prevention to keep your family members safe.

In addition, QCFMD offers the following water safety tips:

  • Look in the pool first: every second counts when an individual is drowning and precious time is often wasted looking elsewhere. Always look for missing individuals, especially children in the pool or spa first.
  • Drowning is silent: many people believe they will hear someone drowning because the individual will be screaming or splashing. However, drowning is silent with the individual unable to make noise.

If you find someone in any source of water:

  • Yell for help and pull the person out of the water.
  • Call 9-1-1 immediately!
  • Begin CPR if you are trained.
  • If you are not trained to administer CPR, follow the instructions from the 911 operator until help arrives.

"Drowning deaths are 100% preventable, we all just have to do our part to ensure this tragedy does not touch our families," said Gray.

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