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QCPD provides safety tips for fun, safe prom night

Parents, guardians, schools and teens must prioritize safety. 

With prom season underway, the Queen Creek Police Department (QCPD) is reminding parents and teens of the importance of safety and responsible decision-making.

Parents, guardians, schools and teens must prioritize safety. 

Buckle up: Remind drivers and passengers to wear seat belts at all times. 

Be aware of surroundings: At the prom venue and after, teens should be encouraged to leave situations that feel unsafe or dangerous. Use the "Buddy System," don’t let friends wander off and don’t wander off by yourself. 

Designate a responsible driver: Make responsible choices and avoid substances that impair judgment or decision-making.  

Driving: Avoid distractions in the car and slow down. Distracted driving and speed are two of the most common factors in traffic collisions in Queen Creek. 

Talk to your teen: Encourage open and honest communication. Set check-in times and be aware of your teen's online activities and social media presence. Talk to your teen about what to do if they witness a crime - if there is an active incident call 911.  

Plan ahead: Discuss plans for prom night and after in advance. Confirm arrangements are in place to make sure everyone gets home safely. Make sure cell phones are charged and chargers are available. 

“Social gatherings are a natural occurrence for teens and they need to know how to keep themselves safe,” said QCPD Chief Randy Brice. “QCPD will be deploying extra officers this weekend. They will be on patrol in neighborhoods, on the roads, and in common areas where teens are known to congregate. QCPD is committed to ensuring teen safety and to the overall safety of this community that we proudly serve every day.”

By working together, we can ensure that prom night is one to remember. Celebrate responsibly and make lasting memories.

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