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Marjorie May Chappell



December 27, 1923 – July 24, 2023

In Loving Memory of Marjorie Chappell.

On July 24, 2023, the world bid farewell to a remarkable soul, Marjorie Chappell, a woman whose life journey was a tapestry of strength, tenacity and cherished memories. Marjorie was born in Medford, Massachusetts, on December 27, 1923.

In her youth, she worked as a cashier at a grocery store and then at a ball bearing plant, laying the foundation for a life of hard work and determination. In 1945, Marjorie and her soulmate Lewis embarked on a beautiful journey together, marrying in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1946 the newly married couple moved to New Hampshire where they started a family and eventually ventured into business together, building homes side by side, a true testament to their unwavering bond and shared dreams.

Marjorie and Lewis found solace in the beauty of their home in Milford, NH, which they lovingly built themselves. Their hearts also found joy in the tranquil escape of their cottage in Northport, Maine, where family would gather and they would walk hand in hand along the rocky beach, even during the chilly winter days. Those memories held a special place in Marjorie’s heart, and she often recounted them fondly with a sparkle in her eyes.

Life brought both happiness and challenges, Marjorie faced the heartache of losing her parents, her 10 siblings, her beloved husband, Lewis, her dear son Mickey, and cherished son Dennis, as well as her daughter-in-law Patricia. She carried the weight of their absence with strength and grace, finding comfort in memories and in the love they had showed her through the years.

Marjorie’s legacy lives on through her loving grandchildren, Pamela(Peter), Karen(Gregg), Scott and daughter-in-law, Kathleen. Marjorie was blessed with several great-grandchildren and a great-great grandchild, each holding a unique place in her heart. She eagerly anticipated the arrival of her next great-great grandchild, due later this year. Her extended family, includes over 30 nieces and nephews.

Marjorie’s love for adventure led her and Lewis on countless cross-country journeys in their various RVs, creating cherished memories that would last a lifetime. In 1986, Marjorie and Lewis made the decision to move to Apache Junction, AZ, where she continued to embrace life with gusto. The family gatherings, leisurely Sunday drives and camping trips were a testament to the adventurous spirit that Marjorie passed on to her family.

Marjorie’s spirit remained resilient and independent, even in the twilight of her life, a testament to her unwavering determination. Her 99 years of life was a tribute to her discipline of living a good and clean existence, filled with love and diligence.

In the hearts of those who loved her, Marjorie Chappell will forever remain a beacon of resilience and hope. Her presence in our lives will be deeply missed, but the memories she leaves behind will continue to warm our souls and remind us of the beauty of a life well-lived.

May her soul rest in eternal peace, knowing that her legacy lives on in the hearts of her beloved family and friends.

Visitation will be held at 9am, August 11, 2023, service to follow at 10am.
Mountain View Funeral Home and Cemetery
7900 E. Main Street, Mesa AZ 85207