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Kameron Craine Rainwater



January 1, 2000 – February 7, 2023

Kameron Craine Rainwater, aka Kam, aka Tiger, aka Beluga Whale, was born on January 1st, 2000, in Denver, Colorado, and passed away on February 7, 2023. He passed away in Mesa, AZ, after 23 years of a joyful life. There’s too much to even begin to talk about in this short piece of writing.  Kam overcame more challenges in his 23 years than most people will in a lifetime; due in no small part to the love and support he had throughout his life. Kam had many fans, chief among them were his mom, Kathy, Brothers, Kris (Rain) and Kobi, Sisters, Kelsey, Klaryssia, Kami, and his two nieces, Tessa and Mia and his nephew, Lincoln. There were lots of people in Kam’s court, always loving and cheering him on. Not to mention, the Therapists, Care Providers both at home and school, Teachers, Surgeons, and many more. So many great people, professional or not, God used to keep him alive and add to his big, big life.

From the beginning, Kam was defying medical predictions. He was not expected to live past his first year, but our Kam wasn’t having any of that, he continually overcame every hurdle that came his way.

Kam was never long without a smile, and he always found something to smile about. Whether it be from playing little pranks on his sister, Klaryssia (turning off the bathroom light while she was in the shower and making her scream, he he he), to laughing after anytime anyone sneezed, that sly bubble of laughter was always ready.

If you ever needed to find Kam you could bet he’d be at his computer- wearing his Mardi Gras beads and headphones, of course -hard at “work” playing Starfall and listening to music on YouTube after doing his nightly FaceTimes with Mike and Kelsey. He spent his days hanging out with some of his favorite crowd at his day program Hatch Haven; where he’d play basketball, go on walks and picnics, sing Karaoke, participate in birthday parties, and play some bingo (and win, duh!)

Kam was a kid who loved to show love. He never forgot a birthday, address, appointment or name. He had a way of making you feel like the most important person in a room, just by the attention he paid to you, those little things he remembered and made sure you knew he remembered. He could tell you what you sang at church three months ago or when you last went to the dentist. Everyone held a special place with Kam, sharing something specific just to them:  what songs you’d listen to together, activities you’d do together. Whoever you were in his world, you mattered.

Kameron had you at “Hi!” He was sweet, and kind, and goofy, and full of joy. You could not help but fall in love. The world is dimmer now with his absence. His light filled every room he was in and every heart he touched; and that is something those he knew will forever get to keep.