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Record-breaking funds raised at this year’s Fitz’s Supper Club

This year’s Fitz’s Supper Club marked the first time in the event’s 13-year history that $1 million was raised. With continued support, it’s clear that only bigger and better things are to come.

Partnering with Dominick’s Steakhouse, the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation hosted its 13th Annual Fitz’s Supper Club on May 8. Over 250 business and community leaders were in attendance at the sold-out fundraiser. 

Throughout the last five years, the foundation has given $2.3 million in funding to organizations around the world that align with its mission. This year’s Fitz’s Supper Club alone raised $1 million that will go towards K-12 education and breast cancer programs.

After playing 17 seasons in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, making himself known as being one of the best receivers in NFL history, Larry Fitzgerald Jr. has spent almost two decades building up his charitable foundation; the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation.

Established in 2005, the foundation has worked towards fulfilling their missions in youth education and breast cancer awareness. 

For youth education, the foundation works with kids K-12 to ensure that under-resourced communities have the same opportunities as others and don’t fall behind. They promote reading proficiency and provide opportunities for kids to participate in after-school programs and sports camps. 

It’s also about making sure that all kids, regardless of their circumstances, have access to technology and are given the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. 

In support of breast cancer awareness, they’ve launched their Breast Believe campaign in addition to the other organizations and nonprofits they support. The Breast Believe campaign works to educate communities, especially those underserved, about early detection, prevention, symptoms, treatments, resources and access surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis.

With a career driven in community and charitable efforts, Danielle Frost, executive director of the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation is a breast cancer survivor herself.

“I’m really passionate about it because first off, it’s a lived experience for me, but also, I see the disparities in our communities of some people that don’t have access to health care that provide you the opportunity to get in front of a breast cancer diagnosis,” Frost said. “And then, even if you do have health care, sometimes our healthcare system can fail us.”

Fitzgerald has also been directly impacted by breast cancer, losing his mother to it in 2003. His work within his foundation has been a pillar of his existence, his mother an inspiration. Having seen his mother serve as a founding member of the African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Fitzgerald wanted to continue her legacy. 

Following the red-carpet arrival, the program hosted by NBC’s Dave Price, highlighted the foundation's work through a number of speeches, inspiring stories and food from Dominick’s Steakhouse chef, Antonio Benavidez.

The night featured live entertainment from a master violinist to a magician and mentalist. There was also a silent and live auction with autographed sports memorabilia, one-of-a-kind experiences, premier golf adventures, luxury travel and more up for grabs.  

Fitzgerald is incredibly grateful for all of his friends, guests, sponsors, donors and support of Dominick's Steakhouse who made the event so successful.

“Larry lost his mother to breast cancer and so he’s been working in this space for a long time. One of the things I realized is how men are impacted by breast cancer,” Frost said. “Whether it’s their own diagnosis or being a caregiver for a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, etc. We are working to make sure that men know we’re here to support them too and that there’s a space and place for them because it can be very traumatizing for a man to watch their loved one go through something like this. That’s why we’re offering that support as well.”

For the past 18 years the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation has been serving women, men and their families and they’re excited to continue their work.

“It really makes me feel good inside to know we have so many people who care about our community and want to give back,” said Frost. “It’s always great when we can bring people together and collaborate to become positive drivers of change in our communities.”

By providing new pathways for success, they’re giving everyone the fair chance they deserve to prosper in today’s technology-based world.

“There’s resources that are available and a lot of people that care about you and want to see you succeed. There are organizations that are designed specifically for that,” Fitzgerald said. “If you need help, you can reach out to the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation and we can direct you in the right direction if we don’t have the available resources for you.”

This year’s Fitz’s Supper Club marked the first time in the event’s 13-year history that $1 million was raised. With continued support, it’s clear that only bigger and better things are to come.

Some of those in attendance included Dominick’s Steakhouse CEO Jeff Mastro; former Arizona Cardinal Michael Floyd; NASCAR’s Phoenix Raceway President Latasha Causey; Bell Bank SVP and Director of Business Development Gerald Deetz; Night Dragon CEO David DeWalt; President & CEO of Phoenix Final Four Local Organizing Committee Jay Parry; Impact One Board President Elizabeth Cluff; and Elevate Phoenix Education Director Amanda Covarrubias.

“Self advocacy is one of the things that I found to be very important even through my own journey. Through the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation we created the Breast Believe campaign which allows us the opportunity to extend ourselves, our resources and our support with our community partners,” Frost said. “That way we can provide access for those that want to get in front of a breast cancer diagnosis or are going through it.”

Through all of the Foundation’s work, Fitzgerald wants everyone to feel that they have the support they need.

“There’s people out there who care and want to do right by you,” Fitzgerald said. 

Dominick’s Steakhouse is located in Scottsdale at 15169 N. Scottsdale Road.

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