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Queen Creek Town Council candidate profile: Bryan McClure

Editor's note: This is the second of four election profiles on the candidates vying for three open seats on the Queen Creek Town Council.

Resident Bryan McClure is a father and local business owner who was born and raised in Queen Creek. He is vying for a seat on the Queen Creek Town Council, campaigning alongside two of his fellow candidates, Dawn Oliphant and Matt McWilliams.

McClure has lived in Queen Creek his entire life and has seen the town undergo its rapid growth from the beginning. McClure is an Arizona State graduate and licensed financial professional. His business is a part of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, which he is an active member of.

“I think it is a great place and I just want to make sure to continue to have it move in a positive direction,” McClure said in an interview with the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Similar to the other candidates, as a parent McClure is looking to help the town remain a great place to raise a family for years to come. Being a native of Queen Creek, McClure knows what it’s like to raise a family here and he’s looking to use a Town Council seat to continue “creating a family environment,” he said at the town election forum.

McClure’s also looking to use his experience in finance and business to guide Queen Creek’s development and allocation of funds.

“I really just love being a contributor to society, especially in our town, with what I do as a profession and helping my clients and just being there for people when they need it,” he said in the chamber interview.

McClure is focused on capital improvement projects, including roads. He’s looking to cut down on the time it takes to get around town and keep the urgency on road improvements, something that’s at the top of the list for all the candidates.

“I felt the pains as everyone that has been on the roads in Queen Creek (has) and so I agree that there’s a tremendous need for that,” McClure said in the interview. “What I also know is that the current council is doing everything they can to build roads as fast as humanly possible and so I love to see the projects that’re underway. As more projects come online and opportunities arise I would continue to approve those projects that can get us through the town more efficiently.”

McClure added some of these issues regarding the roads are just part of the growing pains of a hyper-growth community, but he is focused on the improvement of transportation.

As a business owner, McClure is in favor of less government regulation on business and he believes government should work with the private sector to help promote continued growth. He said the town needs to continue to develop good workers, which will in turn attract businesses. 

One example of that is LG Energy Solution (LGES), which McClure and his campaign partners are supporters of locating in Queen Creek. He said LGES will help create high-wage jobs, which is very important for a growing community. He added that LGES will help share the costs of operations. He believes the jobs provided by LGES will have a massive positive financial impact on Queen Creek and much of that stems from the type of workers the town produces.

McClure is also a supporter of parks, as long as they are built in a financially responsible way. He said if there is a demand for it then the council will work to get it done in the most responsible way.

“There is definitely a need. In all things we have to assess the need and do something that fills that need, (while) being fiscally responsible in the process and I feel like they’ve struck that balance,” McClure said in the interview, referring to the council’s handling of parks.

Like all the other candidates, McClure is a supporter of property rights as well. Having grown up on a farm, he highlighted the beauty that Queen Creek’s agricultural land provides and said that he’s in favor of landowners having full rights over their land.

McClure has an extensive business background and a lifetime of living in Queen Creek behind him. Now he is looking to make a difference in his hometown by running for Town Council.

The Primary Election is coming up on Tuesday, Aug. 2, although mail-in ballots are already out. The General Election (if necessary) will be on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Queen Creek voters will elect a new mayor and three council members. Councilwoman Julia Wheatley's seat on council opens up the third seat as she runs unopposed for mayor. In addition, we've featured the two propositions (Prop 464 – permanent base adjustment and Prop 465 – Southwest Gas franchise agreement) on the ballot.

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Queen Creek residents who live in Maricopa County can view their ballot status and other information by visiting Pinal County voters may be impacted by recent ballot issues. To see if you are impacted and for more information, visit

For more information on the candidates check out the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce’s meet the candidate interviews: