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National Drive Electric Week: Valley drivers keep going electric as gas prices continue to climb

People living in SRP territory have surpassed EV adoption targets in the last few years, with more than 40,500 electric vehicles leased or purchased in SRP’s service territory as of April. 

It's National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 22–Oct. 1) and Valley motorists are showing that whether they are tired of high gas prices or not being able to drive in the HOV lane, they continue to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) at a rapid rate.

People living in Salt River Project (SRP) territory have surpassed EV adoption targets in the last few years, with more than 40,500 EVs leased or purchased in SRP’s service territory as of April. 

SRP hears from customers that the switch to EVs has not only been easy, but they are pleasantly surprised at the cost savings they experience. Below are some of the well-loved programs and offerings SRP residential and business customers continue to take advantage of as they go electric.

EV drivers who are SRP customers can save $250 instantly when they purchase a Level 2 charger from SRP Marketplace. Even if SRP customers recently purchased eligible chargers from somewhere else, they can still apply for a rebate.

SRP provides other incentives and options available to SRP customers considering going electric, including added benefits like less required maintenance (no oil changes) and Arizona’s expanding network of public charging across the state.

To charge at home often requires the addition of a 240-volt connection which must be professionally added. By visiting, SRP customers can connect with a Qmerit expert who will gather information about their home and charging needs, then provide an upfront pricing estimate and connect them with a certified installer for a custom proposal. Once approved, an installation date is set and includes a one-year warranty. The process for adding at-home fast charging starts with filling out only one form or making only one call.

Local events for those considering transitioning to electric are:

     -  Ride and Drive’ event on Saturday, Sept. 30 in Phoenix: Community members are invited to come out to test drive an EV of their choosing and learn more about driving electric. SRP will support the event and have information on EV price plans and customer incentives: Phoenix Ride and Drive - Scottsdale Electric Vehicle Association.

    -  E-Tech Signature Series Event on Monday, Nov. 2 in Tempe: SRP business customers are invited hear from local experts and learn about commercial electrification programs including current rebates and programs available for businesses considering switching to electric equipment, such as electric forklifts, truck charging bays and custom conversion projects. SRP business customers can register for the event HERE.

"Range anxiety" is becoming a thing of the past as more public EV chargers become available across the state and county. SRP has a relationship with PlugShare to help spread useful information to EV drivers on finding available public chargers and planning road trips. Drivers can get started by downloading the PlugShare app or by visiting

More Valley businesses are installing EV chargers for employee charging or public use in their parking lots. This includes everything from shopping malls, apartment complexes, restaurants and more. SRP business customers receive a rebate of $1,500 per charging port or $2,500 if the charging station is installed in a disadvantaged area.