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Google Fiber coming to Queen Creek

Construction is expected to begin in August 2024, with Queen Creek residents scheduled to receive service by early 2025.

Google Fiber is coming to town after the Queen Creek Town Council unanimously approved an ordinance Dec. 7 to allow them to build a fiber-to-the-home network to serve residents with high-speed, high-bandwidth internet by 2025.

“Queen Creek has been expanding rapidly and the town leadership has been focused on providing their residents with more options when it comes to internet. GFiber is looking forward to being a part of that growth,” said Will Novak with Google Fiber.

Construction in Queen Creek is expected to begin in August 2024, with residents scheduled to receive service in early 2025.

This is now the third Arizona location that Google Fiber has announced it is coming to. In 2022, GFiber kicked off expansion in five new states, getting the ball rolling in Mesa. Earlier this year, the Chandler City Council also approved GFiber to come to their city.

Google Fiber’s fiber optic connection is made of glass strands and uses lasers to transmit information at rates close to the speed of light. This means faster upload and download speed across multiple devices and 99.9% reliable connection. GFiber service plans start at $70 per month for one gigabit per second of download and upload speed. There is also a $150-a-month eight gigabits plan. A $30 subsidy is available for those who qualify through the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

For more information about Google Fiber, visit Queen Creek residents can sign up for regular updates at