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Legacy Traditional School - Queen Creek honors troops with letter writing drive

Students are encouraged to speak from the heart with positive messages

This Military Appreciation Month, Legacy Traditional School - Queen Creek, a PK-8 charter school, is supporting servicemen and women through its 2023 Letters to Soldiers campaign. The campaign, launched on May 16, invites students, teachers, and the broader community to pen heartfelt letters to soldiers, expressing gratitude and encouragement.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between the school and Packages From Home, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to service members overseas. These care packages will include letters, reaching troops from all military branches.

Principal Megan Alvarado, a passionate advocate for community service, said, "At Legacy Traditional School - Queen Creek, we're committed to instilling a sense of community and gratitude in our students. This campaign is an extension of our core values, allowing us to show our support for the brave men and women who defend our freedoms."

The Queen Creek campus is deeply tied to the military community, with many staff and teachers serving in the military. The school also hosts annual Veterans Day and Patriot Day ceremonies, with active participation from students and families.

The Letters to Soldiers campaign is part of the school's public service and education commitment. Alvarado added, "This initiative goes beyond expressing gratitude to our troops. It's an educational experience for our students, teaching them about empathy, respect, and the sacrifices made by our military personnel."

Throughout the campaign, students will use templates provided by the school to guide their letter writing. The guidelines encourage positive, uplifting messages, asking students to speak from their hearts.

Students and the community are encouraged to use the templates provided to help guide letters:

Legacy Traditional School - Queen Creek invites all to participate in this campaign and express gratitude to our brave servicemen and women.

For more information about Legacy Traditional Schools, visit the Legacy Traditional School - Queen Creek website.