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QCUSD recognizes students, employees of the month

Queen Creek Unified School District students and employees for the month of January have been announced.

The Queen Creek Unified School District recently recognized the January students and employees of the month, mostly at Silver Valley Elementary.

Here's the breakdown of each honoree for January and what the person nominating them had to say about them.

January Students of the Month

  • Emersyn Mann - Emme displays an exceptional work ethic inside and outside of the classroom. There is never a doubt about the effort she puts forth, she always gives 110%. Emme is a shining example of kindness, respect and integrity at Silver Valley Elementary. She is a friend to everyone and she consistently shows patience and kindness to her peers. Emme is very ambitious and wants to do her very best in everything that she does. She cares very much about her grades and her exceptional work ethic is contagious. Emme is a joy to be around and it is a privilege to have her in my class.
  • Mateo Velasco - Mateo has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate what it means to be a role model within the Silver Valley community. His positive attitude each and every day helps him to display "Kindness, Respect and Integrity" towards his parents, staff and peers. Mateo displays good citizenship by his Kindness and Respect towards his teachers. Mateo is always asking for reassurance that he is listening and following directions because he loves to make his teachers happy.
  • Lennon Sewick - Lennon has worked so hard over the first semester and has met all of his IEP and classroom goals! Lennon can now read every work through the entire third grade sight word list. Lennon can now count above 100 and is an awesome friend to his classmates. Lennon shows dedication to being a learner and is very respectful to classmates and staff. Lennon has been such a joy to have in class and I can’t wait to see everything he does in the future!
  • Xander Willi - Xander is an amazing student. He embraces the seven habits even though he is only just 5 years old. He understands the importance of goals and works hard to reach what he sets for himself. He always tries his hardest to be kind, understanding, friendly and welcoming, and sets an example to others, but with constant humility. He never makes another student feel inadequate, he just reminds them that sometimes it just takes longer for other people but if we just keep trying it will happen, if we stop trying, it can’t happen. He sets an example of what humanity can and should be.

January Employees of the Month

  • Jenelle Combs - Not only has Jenelle cultivated an amazing classroom culture and environment where her students are successful, but she has also developed trust around the campus as someone who willingly lends a listening ear and offers proactive solutions to her peers. Mrs. Combs is a wonderful example of a fantastic teacher leader, and Silver Valley is truly blessed to have her as a part of its community of educators.
  • Ralph Meade - His kindness, positive attitude, happiness and joy exude from Ralph on a consistent basis. The students adore “Mr. Ralph” as they call him, and he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to develop a great rapport with everyone he meets on campus. There simply is not one person at SVE who doesn’t know and love Ralph! He always has a smile on his face and consistently works hard to ensure students feel comfortable and safe no matter where he is serving them for the day. We are so very grateful to Ralph Meade and all that he does for Silver Valley Elementary School!
  • Steve Ray - Steven Ray has shown to be a master supporting all stakeholders involved when working with students and teachers in Special Education. His concern for students, colleagues and the community at large is why we are nominated Steven Ray as the SVE 2022 District Support Person of the Year. Since the Silver Valley Elementary campus opened up a few years ago, Steven has been a “go to” source of information, guidance and support in ensuring that our students’ needs are appropriately met. We are so thankful to Mr. Ray for his leadership and guidance in these challenges situations, and our families continue to thrive with the help of his patient and caring support.
  • Danielle Neeley - Danielle Neeley can best be described as a “go getter” who is always willing to help. Those who nominated her for the Volunteer of the Year position say that she is “always supportive of the staff… and is kind and cheerful.” The list of activities Danielle has thrown herself into in support of Silver Valley Elementary is exhaustive - and yet she continues to rise to the occasion and find new and innovative ways to show some love to the teachers and students.
  • Sharon Dobbs - Sharon has been a valuable member of the preschool team for many years. Sharon is genuine and thoughtful. She is considerate of others and is always willing to stop what she is doing to help her colleagues. Sharon is a dedicated teacher and develops trusting relationships with her students. She seeks out activities to include all of the children regardless of their disability. When her students struggle to meet the expectations she calmly redirects them, showing kindness and respect. Sharon radiates a positive attitude and makes those around her feel valued.
  • Denise Tschoepe - On a daily basis she can be found uplifting her peers, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She goes above and beyond to reach her students and it shows in her classroom climate. Ms. Tschoepe serves her colleagues regularly coaching them, conferencing with them and leading the team toward excellence. Ms. Tschoepe is a prime example of service and commitment to our students. She gives 110% each and every day.
  • Adrianna Trujillo - Adrianna has worked for QCUSD for 18 years. She is committed to our students and supporting her colleagues. In the classroom she is kind and supportive to our students and her colleagues. Her organizational skills help our teachers meet the needs of individual student needs. The Preschool Team is honored to know and work alongside Adrianna Trujillo! She is an asset to the preschool team and QCUSD.
  • Marie Porter - Marie Porter supports the district as an evaluating Speech Language Pathologist for preschool. Marie is knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive. Marie helps ensure that the district’s youngest learners have access to needed early intervention and her organizational skills ensure compliance. Marie is my right hand and I appreciate all that she does for me and our team.