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Local staffing firm Express Employment Professionals sees Arizona’s economy as an employee-driven market

Layoffs continue around the country, but not in Arizona

With large-scale companies like AmazonGannett and Bed Bath and Beyond announcing layoffs recently, employees are growing increasingly concerned about job security. However, experts say that Arizona is not following this trend.

Blake Quinlan of Express Employment Professionals (Express Pros), a top global staffing firm, says Arizona has only seen one major layoff in the last two years (Carvana) and business growth is not slowing down anytime soon.

“We are back to pre-pandemic unemployment rates,” said Quinlan. “Unless labor participation rates drastically increase, we are going to remain in the same candidate-driven market.”

In the most recent Rich States, Poor States analysis from the American Legislative Exchange Council, Arizona received the highest ranking in the country, No. 1, for economic performance. The analysis ranked the state No. 3 in the country for economic outlook with North Carolina taking second and Utah in first.  

Arizona’s positive economic outlook and performance, positions job seekers to be in the drivers seat and provides opportunities to make career changes, get raises and ask for more flexible schedules.

“Now is the time to be honest about what you’re looking for,” said Quinlan. “The employee supply just isn’t there.”

What does the current hiring trends mean for employers? Quinlan says hiring staff need to lower their expectations when it comes to skill sets, for example, hiring a person with only two of three qualifications but with a willingness to grow. He says they can also explore reskilling, or helping employees develop new skills in order to take a different position within the organization.

“Employers need to take a look at why people stay,” Quinlan said. “They need to have honest conversations about why people left. It can be uncomfortable but it is cheaper to retain employees than hire new ones.”

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